Desert Mountain GUIDED TOURS

For spectacular scenery, join a guided tour on Desert Mountain. Ride over 25 miles of marked and groomed trails.

This trail system is often not yet ready for use in December and early January. Canyon Creek is a great alternative in the early season!

Quickie TOur

About 2 hours on the sled. Offered morning and afternoon. Great for busy schedules, tight budgets, or novice snowmobilers!

Half Day TOur

About 3 hours on the sled. Offered morning and afternoon. Great for those wanting a little more time on the mountain.

Twilight Tour

About 2 hours on the sled. Offered in the late afternoon. Note that this tour returns after dark. Includes hot cocoa and a snack!

About Desert Mountain

The Desert Mountain trailhead begins near Martin City, east of Columbia Falls. This system utilizes land under the Flathead National Forest. The trail is known as one of the most spectacular trails in Northwest Montana. The easy, groomed trail steadily climbs to the summit of Desert Mountain (6,368 feet in elevation) where guests look out over Glacier National Park, the Hungry Horse Reservoir and the Great Bear Wilderness.

Another option from the Desert Mountain trailhead is to ride an ungroomed trail along the east shore of Hungry Horse Reservoir for about 35 miles. This area boasts equally fantastic scenery as well as some thrilling hill climbing. View a USFS Snowmobile map of Desert Mountain trail system with the button below.

Photos from the Trail